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Ribsin Bacon's Weight Loss Revenge 2005 World Tour

Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

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Ribsin Bacon
27 October 1980
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It's a livejournal, I have a livejournal now, livejournal's are cool.

Also, if you want me to post a journal entry on a specific topic feel free to send me a message about what you think I should post.

I'm a dreamer, not a doer.

Copied from my facebook page:

I'd rather tell you in person about my life story, so here's something brief:

Everything you need to know about me is open for discussion. Perhaps some day I'll go into detail. ...for those of you just getting back in touch. Yes. I lost a ton of weight. I lost 240 pounds. I was 419 at my heaviest. You can see a pic of me at my heaviest in the pre-weight loss folder.

As of May 25th 2010, I will have maintained my weight going on four years. I'm making sure I'll ever go back to that weight ever. In the past I have been accused of being anorexic, seriously ill, or have gotten the bypass surgery. In truth I did it the hard way, thanks to weight watchers.

People like to tell you what you should do with your body, and how you should do it. That's odd, because I never asked for their help. If they're so knowledgeable about how I should treat my body, perhaps they should treat themselves. I only give advice when asked to. I've lost many people I once considered friends for talking about my personal health behind my back, or meddling with it. I take my health seriously.

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