*runs finger along dusty livejournal*

Yep.  I should do something about this sometime. 

Enough with the Doctor Who/Moffat hate.

Seriously people.  I'm sickened by people smashing Moffat, and saying the Doctor Who isn't as good as it used to be.  Just stop watching,  I'm serious.  Russel T Davies isn't coming back.  This is a new age.   We can look back at the past, and be fond of it, but enough with the hatred.   Obviously you don't like him, you think it's not good enough, so stop watching it.  If you stop watching it, ratings will drop, and they will have to change the show.

I'd go on a rambling rant about it, but I'd rather just tell people to shut the hell up already.  

I promise.

I promise I will write something in here soon again.  The sad thing is that when I'm inspired to do so it's usually when I can't.  Perhaps if I can muster up the energy and inspiration to do so within the next few days.  

Is this thing still on?

It seems that a lot of people have abandoned ship on this site.  Most everyone has moved on, or just gotten lazy.   I for one hand have gotten lazy with my writing.   Lets see, I'm not too sure what I really want to write about on here these days.  Social life? Gaming?  Desires of the heart?  Why am  I asking these questions?  

Not much happened over the summer, went on a few dates over the summer with this one girl, but things really didn't spark between us (well she seemed to feel different, but I wasn't too into her.)  I finally stopped talking to her after she pulled off some really stupid things on our last meet up.   Needless to say I've learned a few things from that experience, and I really can't say it's all too negative really.   It was fun while it lasted, and at least I can take that.  Now I just have to find some more dates.

Trying to get back into the gaming scene, things aren't sparking my interest on the role playing front, I have a few leads on that, and we'll see.  A couple of people have told me about some new live action role plays that have started up, but I'm still a bit apprehensive on joining.   


It's no secret that I've been putting more effort into watching what I eat, and effort into getting some more exercise.   After the car accident I slowed down a little bit, and let bad habits creep back in.  Sure I may have gained only 15 pounds (still within my BMI), but to me that's a lot.  I worked hard to get where I am today.  Sometimes facing denial about things is the hardest thing to do.   I'm glad to say that I'm almost back to the weight where I want to be.  

Well crap...

Well, I just found out a girl I had been talking to for a bit now was lying to me about her marital status.   I guess another one bites the dust... I guess I know how to pick them.

Attraction, and the crud.

So I just came to a realization that I have been finding myself attracted to girls in committed relationships.  I have to stop doing this.  I’m aware of the psychological implications that this brings, and I’m pretty sure where it stems from.   In the past few years I also found myself attracting girls who were non committal, or girls that where just fresh out of a relationship (and most of the time they’re right back in another one after we starting being friendly.)

I’ve been trying to read up how I can change my mindset, and so far it hasn’t been an easy process.  I’m trying to find ways to get myself out more, and actually go on a date or two, even if it’s a friendly one.  I’m pretty apprehensive about going out with girls I already know, because I’m the kind of person who prefers not to continue a friendship after I’m done dating someone. 

I’ve also been pining for a girl who broke my heart a few summers ago, and I know that I shouldn’t be since, she most likely doesn’t think about me, and most likely was dating someone while we spent time together.   Needless to say, I’d say more about her, but I would rather not because there are too many people that would know her from my home town, and the last thing I would want to do is spread that kind of gossip.

Don’t say I’m not trying, because I really am.  It’s just tough sometimes. 



I'm going to update this soon.  However, before I do so, I will be setting a lot of past entries to private.  Due to the realization that there are people who know of this LJ, and may not like what they read.  Or even worse, they might be a troll (I've had a couple of trolls to deal with via twitter and LJ lately.)   Plus, perhaps my opinions on people have changed since I last posted that entry (or not.)